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Artist Statement

Illusionist / Artist

Full-time performing artist

I am:


• A sensory illusionist

• An artist

• A magician with 25 years of technical training


I create:


• Sensory illusions

• Interactive magical performances

• Experiments and installations rooted in scientific oddities and sensory anomalies...




• I seek to create work to provoke thought, spark the senses, and elicit wonder.

• Our daily lives are wondrous and mysterious, and my pieces center on how dynamic the process of perception truly is.

• My vision is to take the art of illusion back to a high art, with the prestige it held in the 1800's by bringing it to the arts sector and presenting contemplative, personable works.

• I hope to subvert the traditional 'magic' narrative, both in form and content, removing the stereotypes of theatrical magic performances.


• I seek to provide the questions, and not necessarily the answers...

You are:


• Needed


You make:


• The impossible occur in your hands

• Predictions for the future

• The invisible, become visible

• Reading minds look effortless



• Your decisions can create the work. It only exists because of you.


We use these illusions, sensory anomalies and scientific oddities to bridge everyday life to a special, heightened world.

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