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Project Information

Spacial Needs

Timeline (flexibility with these timeframes):

• Requesting storefront space for a span of 3 to 21 days. Installation and removal of items will take one day each, at the beginning and end the project respectively, and is included in that timeframe. 


• Currently looking to present the piece in June 2019.  (I do have some flexibility with this timeframe.)

Proposed timeline:

• October, 2018: Final research and materials development

• February 26, 2019: Invisible ink/perfume boxes distributed during Jeanette’s talk at the 

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and physical marketing distribution begins

• March, 2019: Props made

• April, 2019: Logistics coordination with staff and venues

• April, 2019: Final Rehearsals

• May/June, 2019: Performances (Performance will run for 2-3 weeks with 12 performances.)

(Weekly timeline complete and available upon request)

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