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 I found her terribly engaging. Very smart. One of the best performers I have encountered over years of lining up entertainment for conventions and business meetings.

Ed Rensi, CEO (1991-2005) – McDonald’s

Jeanette Andrews

Sensory Illusionist

Chicago, IL


Jeanette Andrews is a contemporary illusionist/magician who specializes in creating interactive sensory illusions, possessing a contemplative take on the art of the impossible. Andrews uses scientific oddities and sensory anomalies to bridge everyday life to a special, heightened world. Hailed as one of the most innovative illusionists today, Andrews has staged hundreds of performances at museums, theaters and universities across the United States, including sold-out and standing-room-only crowds at the International Museum of Surgical Science, Birmingham Museum of Art, and Chicago Ideas Week. She recently completed her third series of performances for Museum of Contemporary Art, presenting “Invisible Roses,” commissioned by the museum in honor of their 50th anniversary. Her work explores how illusions construct reality and highlights astonishing aspects of everyday life via moments of the seemingly impossible. Combining influences not typically seen in magic performances such as immersive theater, quantum physics, and philosophy, Andrews has invented a unique take on this ancient art form. She is the only magician worldwide known to be awarded an artist’s residency, including being a High Concept Labs Sponsored Artist and artist in residence for The Institute for Art and Olfaction. Illusion is Ms. Andrews’ life’s work and her performances have been praised by The Daily Mail, the Chicago Tribune and PBS.  



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Birmingham Museum of Art


“Jeanette is an inspiration. She proves what hard work and dedication can accomplish. She has the understanding and the drive. Just thinking about her makes me smile, knowing that our craft will flourish in the new millennium.” 

Siegfried and Roy

“Jeanette Andrews, someone you should know!” 

Harry Porterfield – CBS-TV

“Wow! You are an inspiration and you are an inspiration to watch!”

Bill Campbell – ABC-TV 

“[Jeanette is] killing it, empowers the audience, and uses science and art to make her mark.”

PBS – WTTW Chicago, Chicago Tonight, Chloe Riley

“Fascinating.... [Jeanette is] baffling the internet.”

The Daily Mail, Carly Stern

“The show was amazing! Really fantastic and I loved how you incorporated history of perception within the story you told with the magic.” 

Kristen Kaniewski, Visitor Services Manager – Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

“EVERYONE commented on how amazing you are. Besides your tricks that everyone loved, everyone commented on how warm and inviting you make everyone feel. You really have a talent and are and amazing person besides being superb at your craft.” 

Don McClelland, Chicagoland Speedway

“She engages the audience , is wonderful to work with and we were so happy to have her here!” 

Heidi Ruehle-May, Executive Director, Pleasant Home Museum

“Jeanette Andrews was excellent! Wonderful, entertaining and a spellbinding performer! We enjoyed the entire show!!! Also, I can certainly appreciate all of the work that went into the production, every detail had been addressed.”

Camille Wilson White, Executive Director – Oak Park Area Arts Council

“Jeanette Andrews’ performance is a truly magical event! Everyone at East of Eden Retreat & Spa was impressed with Jeanette’s supreme level of professionalism and personal charm. We are looking forward to see her again!”

Eve Blair – Manager, East of Eden Retreat and Spa

 “Using a combination of research in philosophy, psychology, and art, Andrews drew in the crowd with her personality, but kept them there with her mind, and most importantly—by blowing their minds.”

Windy City Cosmo, Amanda Elliott 





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